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Adopt a Student Program

Program Goals

UP Diliman is composed of at least 20,000 students from different Philippine high schools. A significant portion of the UP student population belongs to middle to low-income families. These students confront not only the demanding atmosphere inside the classroom but also the struggles to continue studying in the university. Although UP has opened programs to provide additional tuition subsidy, maintaining financial support to cover daily costs of studying can be a ceaseless trial for students during their four to five year stay in the University. A number of students seek part-time employment to provide for their daily needs and support their academic requirements. However, this often adversely affects their academic performance, which has led to many of these students dropping out of college. Several scholarship programs have already been set by donors to partially solve this concern, but these require some time for students to qualify as scholars.

The Adopt-a-Student Program was conceived to address these problems by providing supplementary support to students with urgent financial needs. It acts as a safety net where students are given allowances to keep them studying in the University. Through the Adopt-aStudent program, students are given support while they work on their requirements to qualify in more comprehensive financial assistance programs.

Donor's Role

The Adopt-a-Student Program provides financial assistance by pooling monetary contributions from institutional and individual donors. Organizations, small groups, private individuals, UP faculty members, and even UP students can help by contributing a portion of their income and allowance to a pool of funds that finances the allowance of students under the Program. Donors may choose to contribute to cover a portion of a UP student’s monthly allowance for lodging or they may finance the entire cost to study in the University for one semester.

For financial assistance in the form of monthly allowance, donors can give at least Php 10,000 to cover one (1) semester, or Php 4,000.00 to cover monthly allowance for the duration of the summer term.

Donors may indicate certain qualifications of UP students to be given priority during the selection of grantees. A donor may also opt to support more than one (1) UP student per semester.

To cover the cost of administering the Program, fees may be charged based from total contribution made by the donor within a year.

Selection and Renewal

The Diliman Committee for Scholarships and Financial Assistance (DCSFA) selects the grantees of the Adopt-a-Student Program. The Committee grants the benefits to students based from the criteria:

1. All grantees must be recipients of the Socialized Tuition Fee Assistance Program (STFAP) who need additional assistance. Priority is given to students in Brackets C and below.

The STFAP provides tuition subsidy according to the students’ capacity to pay. The amount of subsidy to be given is determined by the Brackets assigned to students.

2. Grantees may be incoming freshmen who need additional financial assistance to be able to enroll;

3. Grantees may be previous beneficiaries of scholarship programs who lost their benefits due to failure to meet the required General Weighted Average. Said grantee must be in need of financial assistance to continue studying, provided specific donor conditions are satisfied;

4. Grantees may be current beneficiaries of scholarship programs who need supplemental financial assistance.

The DCSFA selects grantees from a list of candidates endorsed by the Office of Scholarships and Student Services (OSSS). The list is composed of STFAP students who wish to be assigned in more supportive STFAP brackets. Candidates also include UP students in need of support and referred by different UP Diliman units. Selection may also be made in consultation with the donor, in case of exemptions or inconsistencies with the qualifications previously set by the donor.

The DCSFA determines the amount the given to each grantee, based from the needs of the student and qualifications set by the donor. A minimum of PhP 2,000.00 per month is provided to grantees.

The Adopt-a-Student Program provides financial assistance for one (1) term (semester or summer) only. Grantees may be renewed for another semester depending on availability of funds and the academic and financial status of the grantee as determined by the DCSFA. To be eligible for renewal, grantees must: (1) be enrolled in a minimum of 15 units, unless graduating or taking up summer classes, and (2) pass all subjects enrolled. A grade of “4.0” or “incomplete” must be removed or completed on or before the last day of regular registration of the succeeding semester if the removal/completion grade is needed to complete 15 units. For disqualified grantees, they may be reinstated only as recommended by the DCSFA and upon approval of the donor, when applicable.


The Adopt-a-Student Program is one of the financial assistance programs of the OSSS. Prospective donors and current benefactors may contact us through the following:

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