UP Office of Scholarships and Student Services


Program Goals

The University of the Philippines (UP) is one of the most valuable institutions in the country. Since 1908, it has been a major instrument for national development by fulfilling its role as critic of society and as an agent of social change. UP fulfills its mandate to the Republic by maintaining the University accessible to all who are qualified to benefit from its program, regardless of social and economic status.

The private sector, institutions, and individuals can also help maintain democratic access to University education by sponsoring a UP Scholarship Program. The UP Scholarship Programs are envisioned to:

  • Honor and encourage outstanding academic achievement or talent

  • UP Scholarship Programs are primarily given on the basis of academic achievement or performance. They are awarded to deserving students to recognize academic achievement.  They may also be given to students with outstanding potential or initial achievement in creative writing, the fine arts, music, drama, or athletics, to encourage students to develop their special talents or skills. The benefits from the programs may be used to defray expenses in purchasing special equipment, instruments, supplies and materials, or to hire special tutor or coaches.

  • Help academically qualified but financially needy students

  • UP Scholarship Programs may also be awarded in consideration of the student's financial need. The actual benefits depend on the extent of that need.  If a program is based solely on financial need, recipients are required to meet at least the minimum academic requirements in their degree programs.

  • Encourage enrollment in particular academic programs which are needed by our country

  • UP Scholarship Programs may also be designed to encourage students to enroll in particular programs for which there is low student demand but which, for academic reasons or national development policy, the University and the donor wants to promote and support.